School Based Supports

ABA Network is a Non-Public Agency (NPA) certified by the California Department of Education.  We provide a range of educational services to support students with developmental disabilities and/or emotional behavioral disorders in addition to their families. Special Education students with a variety of problems can participate in our school based services. These students may have or be at risk for an autism spectrum disorder (e.g., Autism, pervasive developmental disorder NOS, Asperger’s) or emotional behavioral disorder (e.g., disruptive behavior disorder) that may be interfering with their school performance and ability to participate in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Services provided include behavior intervention development and modification (BID) and Behavior Intervention Implementation of Behavior Modification Plans (BII). ABA Network’s school based services are derived from evidenced based practices such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). 


ABA Network's Service Delivery Options for School Districts

Consultation Support – ABA Network delivers consultation support to schools, classrooms, and student teams. This consultation support includes focused training to school personnel, classroom team members, and instructional assistants in specific areas of need, classroom coaching, program development, and intermittent team meetings to facilitate program development, implementation, and progress monitoring. In this approach ABA Network serves as an integral member of the team providing ongoing communication between team members (e.g., classroom staff, the school site administration, and the Director of Pupil Services). Intermittent progress reports are developed to summarize progress in staff and classroom development, identify ongoing areas of need, and generate recommendations for responding to those needs.


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