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As a Pediatrician or Family Practice Physician, you have such a valuable role as the first medical professional to see infants and toddlers.  We understand that you have an enormous task of screening for so many diseases and disorders in a very brief time during a well baby check-up that the more subtle signs of a developmental delay and/or autism spectrum disorder may be difficult to identify.  Many pediatricians report this difficulty in addition to the fact that some obstacles in identifying/referring children for developmental delays and/or autism spectrum disorders can be the hesitancy to worry a parent and the lack of resources in the community for families.


ABA Network aims to support Pediatricians by:

  • Providing brief trainings in the identification of behavioral indicators of developmental delay and/or autism spectrum disorder

  • Providing Medical Offices with family friendly brochures outlining the developmental milestones and what to be concerned about to facilitate the discussion between Physicians and parents

  • Providing a resource for Pediatricians to refer to facilitate the process of evaluation at the local Regional Center. By catching delays and/or ASD early families can begin learning ways to support their child and children have a better chance at a reaching their full potential

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