Methodologies for Effective Treatment: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Parent Education


Research shows that when parents participate in their child’s treatment both the parent and child benefits.  The child often acquires skills at a faster rate, the child tends to generalize skills faster, parents have an easier time finding babysitters, and families tend to engage in more activities together.


Parent education is a critical part of treatment with ABA Network.  Parents and Primary Caregivers are taught to work with their child within day to day life.


Parents are taught strategies that will encourage the development of communication, social, joint attention, and functional adaptive skills. The parents are also provided with support in learning how to incorporate relevant strategies into natural home-based routines.


A couple of parent goals for ABA Network families:

1)     Identifying and creating naturally occurring opportunities to teach replacement behaviors, communication, social emotional and self help skills.

2)     Understanding their child's specific condition and representing their child's strengths and needs to others.

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